Having a marketable blog makes marketing your blog much easier. To help you along with the writing process, here are a couple of tips. 1. Develop content people are interested in reading According to Harris, creating valuable content for people

Marketing fundamentals such as knowing your audience are a daily reality for all brands these days. The success of your Local SEO marketing, branding, and conversion efforts hinges on profiling different segments of your target market. It is easier to

Your eCommerce business is at its busiest and craziest during the holiday season and that is the most wonderful time of the year. This is the time of year when you want to attract customers doing online Christmas shopping, increase

Google search is getting advanced each day with new updates and information. As a beginner, understanding the core mechanism of Google is vital for us to improve your exposure. Without holding a rank, the efforts are nearly useless. So, to

You're trying everything, but you can't find your website on Google despite all your efforts? No matter how good your website looks, you won't attract any inquiries or sales if people cannot find it online. Google is the leading search

What is Redirection? The process of redirection involves forwarding one URL to another. To prevent organic traffic from being lost, you must use the proper redirect. This will prevent you from giving search engines inaccurate information about your page's status.

An organization's brand awareness has always been boosted by SEO. However, the role of SEO has changed over time. Those were the days when advertisers could simply give their website's landing pages a high SERP rank by flooding them with

Overview of SEO These days Businesses are gaining a lot of exposure from search engine optimization, or SEO. The term "search engine optimization" refers to the process of improving a website so that it appears when people search in Google,

Marketing and branding are separate concepts, though they are often used interchangeably. Mastering both aspects of your business requires understanding the differences between them. The success of your business cannot be achieved without both branding and marketing. Likewise, having strong

Website Usability Overview The usability of a website is an indicator of its "user friendliness." This refers to the ease of use of technology in general, but it is particularly applicable to online media, such as the Internet. Websites should

Local review building is a powerful way to help your local business rank high on Google and become more discoverable. In addition, local reviews are an important factor for local organic searches that also help you amplify word-of-mouth marketing. The

Halloween is just around the corner since the month of October has finally arrived. Online brands don't need to be surprised by the importance of the holiday season each year.  There were still many places in the world under lockdown

When it comes to On-Page SEO, Keyword research is unquestionably essential. While it is important to do keyword research well before drafting content, the concern "whether to use short-tail keywords or long tail" is quite common. To let search engines

The rollout of Google's page experience update was completed today, Google confirmed. However, a week will pass before Google reps say the changes to the Google News app have been completed. On mobile search, this includes updates to the Top Stories

With increasing access to the internet, the consumers’ demand for high-speed loading websites is also increasing. Hence, speed is one of the most critical factors for ranking today. When it comes to speed and user experience, AMP and Core Web

No matter what industry you are from, SEO plays an essential role in getting your brand an organic reach. This is because Google keeps on updating its algorithm, which determines how your site would rank on the search engine. So,

Backlinks play an inevitable role in Google’s search engine results page (SERP). Backlinks are important because they signal Google that your website has relevant, useful, and shareable content, because of which other websites have linked it. Thus, helping it rank

Dropbox is a comprehensively designed file hosting service to accumulate your documents. Despite spending minimal funds on marketing strategies, the company has achieved a value of $4 billion. You must be wondering how? Well, we bring you five amazing marketing

Bing Reveals Ranking Signals for Content and Webpages In the past year, Bing has been quietly working on new webmaster guidelines that reflect its ranking system. They didn’t reveal “their magic sauce”, but they did describe the major areas for

Top 10 Tips That Can Fire Up Your Local SEO  Small local businesses can compete with big businesses by doing local SEO since the earliest days or with businesses featuring auto-generated local listings. The ever-changing ranking factors raise the bar

How to Push Your Website on Google Discovery? In a recent post, Google officially provided a glimpse into the new and updated conditions under which your website can show on Google Discovery. This holds a massive significance to content publishers

The Importance of Video Marketing for SEO People love great video, and it is one of their favourite types of content. There are several types of videos that you can produce: testimonials, product videos, ads, blogs, and so on. It

Four Proven Tactics to Speed up Your Shopify Website Page speed is particularly important to e-commerce websites because it plays a huge role in the user experience, which has a profound effect on conversion rates. Some of the fastest loading

Fact: Twenty Five People Click the First Google Search Result A study by Sistrix analyzed over 80 million keywords and search results. The study aimed to understand user engagement. The results revealed average CTR drops considerably after the first search

Google Adds More Context to Images Google has created a new way for site owners to drive traffic using image search results.The new feature surfaces quick facts about the context of the image.The information is pulled from Google Knowledge Graph

Google Pushes Mobile-First Indexing to March 2021 Recently Google released a statement in which they prolong the deadline of the mobile-first indexing switchover. Initially, they set the deadline for September 2020, but now it has been pushed to March 2021.

Index Your Content Immediately With Bing WordPress Plugin Bing is launching a WordPress plugin that will get index your content immediately in search results. The entire process is done automatically once a site owner installs the plugin. After installation, the

The Importance of Meta Description for SEO in 2020 A Meta description, sometimes referred to as Meta description attribute, is an HTML element that provides a summary or describes the content of a web page. It helps the readers to

Beginner’s Guide to Geo-Tagging – What, How and Advantages From the perspective of a local business owner, getting a website in front of a local can be a difficult experience. Geo-Tagging enables customers to find your location easily. The practice

How YouTube Search Works: Explained by Google Google explained how YouTube search works through a publication resource.  They created an entire website- How YouTube Work to explain how the search function works. The site offers valuable insights about working of YouTube, which

Reasons Why Google Ranks Singular and Plural Keywords Differently: Google displays different search results for the singular and plural form of a keyword. Perhaps, this has to do with satisfying the user’s intent.Google is constantly tweaking its algorithm to provide



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