Nine “Google My Business” Updates That Can Help Your Business Bounce Back in 2020

  • The COVID-19 pandemic sent many brick-and-mortar businesses on a roller coaster full of temporary closures, supply issues, quarantines, and other setbacks. Along the way, many businesses realized the importance of Google My Business listings.
  • Google also took note of that and introduced a set of new features so that businesses can easily cope with the chaos from the pandemic. Here’s a closer look at the main features brought to us by Google and how businesses should make the most of them.

Temporary Closed

  • The temporarily closed feature is designed to inform people that the business is shut down but only temporarily.
  • The feature is not limited to closures due to the pandemic but can also be used by seasonal businesses (i.e., ski rental businesses that are open during the snow season).

New Safety Maps Features

  • Google Maps received a set of updates focused on the safety of the people regarding the Coronavirus. As a result, people can find safer travel routes, facility guidelines, businesses that are temporarily closed, and so on.
  • For example, Google Maps can now recommend the safest route that avoids crowds, which is extremely important during the pandemic.

Removed Restrictions from Google Post Chain

  • Before the pandemic, Google didn’t allow businesses with over 10 locations to automatically update their panels. However, once the pandemic started, all businesses can add dynamic content such as special offers, promotional events, and changes in their work time. 
  • Furthermore, businesses are encouraged to inform their potential customers about their health protocols in place. GMB always prioritizes posts related to COVID-19.

New GMB Attributes 

  • Thanks to the new GMB attributes, businesses can add no-contact delivery and curbside pickups to their delivery forms, which is crucial during a pandemic. They are especially important for retailers and restaurants.

Local Service Ad Attributes

  • Businesses and services can use this feature to inform their potential customers about how they will be protected once they visit their home.
  • It is crucial information that reassures the clients that they can safely use your services and products without compromising their health. 


  • This feature allows emergency centers to inform people about the COVID-19 pandemics online. That way, people get the necessary information and COVID-19 updates without physically visiting emergency centers and medical facilities.
  • As a result, medical professionals spend more time helping patients in need than explaining stuff related to the current pandemic.

Donation Links and Support

  • Google lets businesses post information about how their local community can support them by making donations and buying gift cards.
  • Retail sales have been up lately, but many small businesses are still struggling to get by. Any type of support is welcome and necessary, especially for small businesses. 

Secondary Hours

  • Recently, Google has allowed businesses to publish special hours of operation on their GMBs.
  • The idea is to accommodate elderly people, people with special needs, and some other groups to avoid potentially big crowds.

Visual Content on GMB

  • Google has enabled businesses to upload images and videos to show how safety protocols are implemented in their place of business, how customers practice social distancing, how their employees are protected, and so on.
  • It is about presenting our “new reality” and how we can all go on with our lives without jeopardizing our health and others’ health.

In conclusion

  • GMB is getting more and more attention from people who use it to get information about local businesses.
  • If you haven’t been paying attention to your GMB listing, it is about time to do so.
  • It can make the difference between a closing shop and making it through one of the biggest challenges the world has seen. 

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