Google has rolled out the page experience update

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Google has rolled out the page experience update

The rollout of Google’s page experience update was completed today, Google confirmed. However, a week will pass before Google reps say the changes to the Google News app have been completed. On mobile search, this includes updates to the Top Stories carousel.




“The page experience prelaunch includes updates to the mobile carousel for Top Stories”, it was stated that the rollout was complete now. Google announced on Twitter that it has begun rolling out changes to its News app.


No major changes occurred in the rankings


As a reminder, you probably didn’t notice substantial ranking changes as a result of this release. According to Google, the update has been rolling out slowly, and the company initially warned websites not to expect drastic changes: “While this update highlights pages with great user experiences, page experience is just one of many factors we consider. As such, sites should generally not expect dramatic changes,” said Google.


Contrast with a core update


Page experience updates do not share the same signal with core updates, such as web vitals. There is no relation between them and no influence between them. Just yesterday, a core update for June 2021 was released. Usually, a Google Search ranking fluctuation is felt more often than a page experience update.


What we should care


Most users have awaited the last update for more than a year. Now it has been rolled out. Those changes will not be as significant as those caused by the June core update, so you should not confuse them with those from this update.


End of August rollout


By the end of August, Google plans to complete the full rollout of this ranking change. This set will include all the critical web vital metrics, including the LCP, CLS, and FID.

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