10 Reasons To Sell with WooCommerce in 2023


10 Reasons To Sell with WooCommerce in 2023

Going into eCommerce in 2023 is the best thing you can do for your brand. It puts your brand front and center on your customers radar. Checking off this box could make the difference between a thriving and failing business. And if turning a profit is top on your to-do list, you cant do better than WooCommerce. Heres why. 

Youll out-live your creativity on WooCommerce, thats a guarantee. The trick is learning your way around it. 

Ever since it launched in 2011, WooCommerce has been a hub of eCommerce success stories. Launched as an extension of WordPress, WooCommerce has become the go-to plugin for selling anything online. It transforms a basic WordPress system into a fully functional, money-making machine.  

So, whats the deal with WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is exactly what you need to build an eCommerce website. The plugin adds a utility shopping cart to your WordPress website where your visitors can buy the products and services you are promoting. Yes, thats right, its not just physical goods for sale here. 

Simple, easy to use, and downright reliable. WooCommerce creates opportunities for forward-thinking people to become part of its growth story. Today, its market share stands at just over 23% of the industry. You deserve more money and a partner that empowers you with the right tools for economic growth. 

Lets find out more. 

10 Reasons To Sell with WooCommerce in 2023

WooCommerce Costs Less

SAAS costs suck. Luckily for you, WooCommerce is free. How come? The thing is, WooCommerce is open-source software, which means the users have complete authority over how they use the plugin and how much they will spend. 

So, its not totally free. The least you can spend for the basic features on WooCommerce is around $10 a month. Thats pretty low. For small businesses, that works. But larger companies in need of advanced features can spend anywhere from $200 to $1000 monthly. 

Great Marketing

You can never have the feel of good marketing. Especially when you’re getting into eCommerce. Getting the word out to your potential clients is not only essential but also business-critical. WooCommerce runs promotions for its clients, helping them sell more. 

There is no line this plugin will not cross. With WooCommerce, you can instantly set up a digital wallet system that lets your loyal followers use coupons and gift cards. The fun does not stop there. Your followers can earn reward points for buying and promoting your products. 

Add advanced features to your monthly bundle, and you can assign expiry dates on coupons as a marketing strategy. And when in need of more marketing, you can setup and link your Facebook and Instagram ads to WooCommerce for quick sales. 

When its time to look back and make business decisions, Metrilo, one of the most popular WooCommerce extensions, lets you make marketing analytics, create a customer database, and more. You can run your entire business with the help of this extension, including monitoring sales and performance metrics. 

More Advanced Inventory Management

There is no shortage on the things you can sell. As your business grows, so do WooCommerce functionalities. Big or small, WooCommerce offers inventory management for any business size. So, you can step on top of things and predict when you will need to order more products. 

But if we, at neyox.com – Local SEO Agency in New York, are being honest, inventory management is something you can get at just about any eCommerce plugin. But often, this functionality comes at a hefty price tag. So, for small businesses, brick-and-mortar stores, and mom-and-pop shops, its plugins affordable package is the way to go. 

Plus, its simple and easy to use. You can literally stay in control of things by using two tabs only – the WooCommerce and Product tabs. With just one click, you can get information about stock, handle refunds, and manage emails and orders effectively. 

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Flexibility is freedom. Freedom provides you with the luxury of trying new things. You can try many things on your WooCommerce. That includes the code and content. WooCommerce offers two modifications: plugin for small changes and child theme for the big ones. 

Having more choice and greater wiggle room is a good thing. WooCommerce can turn every website into an online store and every backend into a supply chain database. You cant just customize the look but also the payment, product handling, and shipping functionalities. 

That way, the user can create a plugin that is in sync with the brand. Add a little theme to create an interface that is eye-catching and inviting. Some recommendations, Neve, Neto, Arcade, Sanchmo, OceanWp, Shoppe, Astra, Ultra, and Lens. 

Easy Payments

Money comes in, and money comes out. Its the ease of this money flow that makes everything worth it. Rather than tapping a separate payment processor, WooCommerce allows you to process every transaction easily and quickly. You can handle everything directly from the dashboard. 

Its payment processing feature connects customers and businesses under one gateway. It is no secret that clients sometime lose interest in products and services when the payment process is a mess. So, WooCommerce presents a solution to this problem. 

Plus, it doesnt hurt as its quite affordable. You can get this payment processing feature for free with no fees paid monthly. Users pay for effective payment processing depending on how you use it from 2.9%+$0.30 per transaction.

Excellent Customer Service

You need every help you can get as your business grows. WooCommerce has seen many great business takeoffs thanks to its stable platform. With fewer bugs, advanced features work seamlessly. Its the power of a workforce thousand strong at your fingertips. 

With every update made to the plugin, WooCommerce comes off better, stronger, and more stable. Since its development is open source, the best brains in the world work to make it better every day. Beyond that, the customer support team is super friendly and accessible to address any inconveniences. 

The customer experience is the best in class. They can walk you through setting up the software, sharing video tutorials, and answer any and all questions. You can get assistance quickly and effectively. 

Quick Installation and User-Centered

Simplicity is a recurring theme for WooCommerce. Things keep getting easy from here on. Adding WooCommerce to your website as well as configuring the plugin to start selling online, is quick and easy. WooCommerce is incredibly versatile, and its usefulness is centered on the users. 

There is even a blog section on the official website that offers tips and tricks users can apply to design the online store they desire. Beyond that, there is an on-screen wizard that literally holds your hand as you move through all the critical steps. 

Useful Analytics

The captain’s seat is yours for taking on WooCommerce. A huge part of running a successful online business is staying on top of business analytics. Most of the time, such tools are not within reach of a small business, helping them grow. 

What this means is that users can save on spending big bucks on business analytics software with cost-effective features on WooCommerce. The interface is simple, and learning your way around it will only take a minute, but soon enough, you can manage client activity and business data. 

You can even present the information graphically and get all the relevant figures and graphics for decision making. It is easy to understand, and its friendly presentation makes analyze even complex data easy for beginners. 


If they cant find you on Google search results, then you probably don’t exist. One thing you can bet your business success on is WooCommerce is search engine friendly. That means your website will be crawled efficiently and stand a better chance on search results. 

WordPress is already the gold-standard for creating SEO-friendly web presence, and adding WooCommerce is just the icing on the cake. Ask neyox.com a Local SEO Agency in New York, if you have any more questions or need any help.

Looking at recent data from WooCommerce, at least 70% of all websites that are plugged into this eCommerce plugin get generated on search engine results. Scoring big on SEO means you can spend less on marketing and bring more clients with every search. 

Geolocation Support 

Depending on the kind of business you are running, you may need to lock out some website visitors from buying your products or services. Thanks to WooCommerce, you can block access to your store based on your customers location. 

Pulling data from the customers IP address, WooCommerce will restrict users as well as offer enough information to users, so they know exactly what they are buying. 


You cant get a better deal anywhere. WooCommerce is a popular choice for up-and-coming businesses as well as big corporations, recommeded by neyox..com. It’s perfect because it offers everything you need to perform at your optimum best. Besides, it comes with the features that make managing your business a walk in the park. 

WooCommerce is good: flexible, easy-to-use, and opportunity to thrive, thousands of merchants selling products and services running their stores on this plugin. It ticks all boxes. 

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