What Is Classified Ads And How We can Use It for SEO

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What Is Classified Ads And How We can Use It for SEO

Classified, classified ads and other similar names… You have heard about them before, and you mostly associate them with the advertising industry. Well, this is actually correct.

These classifieds are used in classic magazines and newspapers, but they also target the digital industry. You can find ads in periodicals and electronic magazines too.

Despite having a traditional profile in a world looking for the next modern thing, classified ads are now back in trend and often associated with systematic business growth, especially for small businesses.

Compared to other approaches, classifieds are considered the cheaper version. It will not cost you a fortune, in fact, you can find platforms allowing free classified ads as well.

At the same time, seeing your business name here and there will add to the brand’s notoriety and can help search engines give it more reputation in terms of search results.

Are classified ads right for you? Is this what your business needs? This article will give you all the details you need.

Becoming familiar with the basics of classified ads

Just like other concepts in the advertising industry, classified ads come with a particular structure. A headline is needed to draw attention, followed by the body and the contacts. Each of these structural parts requires their own design, yet there are also ads out there that may have a different approach.


The headline is the first thing people will see. It needs to grab attention straight away, hence its importance. A good headline will get visitors to read the ad, while a bad one may chase them away, even if it is actually important.

With these thoughts in mind, the headline must be attractive and interesting, but at the same time, it needs to summarize the classifieds. To keep it simple, it requires the main keyword to be relevant to the ad too.


The body is basically a structural part, including the main details of the ad. It has to be crystal clear and meet the readers’ intentions or needs.

Some classifieds come with something appealing to draw attention, usually within the first words. Whether it is a limited offer or a special discount, its role is to lure readers in.

The body is as interesting as the headline because if it fails to draw attention, readers will simply skip the last step, the contacts.


The contacts build a bridge between the advertiser and the potential customer. It is a call to action or a signature. It could be a link or perhaps a phone number. While clear enough, it should also make it obvious for customers and mention the necessity to buy now or contact us.

Understanding the different types of classified ads

Generally speaking, classified ads go into three major categories:

  • Regular classified ads
  • Classified display ads
  • Display classified ads

While the last two may seem similar, there are clearly some differences between each type and the other.

Regular classified ads

Regular classified ads are standard and the most common option out there. In terms of financial considerations, they are also the cheapest because they mostly include tests. They are normally charged based on the number of words or characters.

In most cases, regular classified ads do not include any graphics at all.

Classified display ads

Classified display ads are self explanatory. They come with a few extra advantages, but they will also cost more.

They are also charged based on words or characters, but advertisers also have the opportunity to add an image, be it a company logo or a representative picture for the ads, such as a product.

Such ads are more visible and can stand out when mixed into regular classified ads.

Display classified ads

This is the ultimate type of classified ad. It comes with even more advantages and will clearly cost more. The impact on the business will be higher too, especially if the ad is well done.

There are clearly some restrictions in terms of size, yet you may find different packages too. Advertisers can usually choose colors or the size of the image, but also include more text.

Such ads can be grouped into more subcategories.

Recruitment ads

Recruitment ads help companies and employers find the ideal candidate for available jobs and positions. They have simple titles regarding the job or the position. Apart from employers, potential employees can also post such ads looking for a position.

Job seekers should include some of their qualifications and experience, while companies looking for a workforce must include the position, required skills, and experience.

Property ads

Property ads are just as common and can help real estate agencies or regular people sell or rent out properties. There are also ads regarding the intention to purchase or rent properties.

Many property ads go online, but they are also available in local newspapers. They often include prices and a few basic information, such as the number of bedrooms or location.

Obituary ads

Obituary ads are more common in local newspapers and announce communities about recently departed souls. Their role is to ensure everyone who knew the respective person is aware of their recent death. They often announce funeral locations and times as well.

While not always a general rule, obituary ads also include a picture of the deceased individual, as well as a short message regarding condolences.

Matrimonial ads

Matrimonial ads are slowly losing popularity, but they still represent a popular option to find love. They come from singles looking for a partner, yet it looks like modern dating websites aim to take them over at some point.

In some communities, these matrimonial ads also advertise potential grooms or brides to local communities. They may also include a picture of the candidate. Sometimes, they are used by families advertising for candidates.

Business ads

Business ads normally target products or services. They can go in more directions and may include business offers, sales, discounts, and even business proposals or acquisitions. This category is diversified and includes anything related to business.

Businesses trying to get more customers or attention need to try out every potential option, so classified ads are not to be overlooked.

Announcement ads

Announcement ads are extremely important and common, too, and can cover more aspects. For example, they can advertise for legal amendments, governmental updates, or even business updates.

A business address change would make a common announcement ad, not to mention lost and found ads. Legal announcements are just as popular. They are quite important for the general audience and often include all the important details of the public notice.

Education ads

Education ads are about word of mouth. They are used in both local newspapers and the Internet, and they offer a wide variety of details, from admissions, classes, and private lessons to general tutoring and other similar announcements.

Education ads are more common in smaller training centers. Large schools with a good reputation will most likely have potential students queuing outside anyway, yet they can also rely on education ads to introduce new courses or classes.

Personal ads

Personal ads bring in personal messages to a targeted audience. They can be quite diversified and may include greetings, anniversary announcements, achievements, professional information, and so on. They are often placed in groups by families or groups of friends.

How to create the best classified ads

Classified ads can and will spread the word, but they require attention. No matter how useful the information is, it will not reach the right people if the ads are not done by the book.

On the same note, an ad with less relevant information can benefit from plenty of attention only because it was written correctly. Here are a few tips to come up with the best classified ads.

A call to action is a must

No matter what the classified ad is about, there has to be a call to action. Whether it implies getting customers to buy something, make a call or just apply for a job, people need to react to the ad rather than read it and move on.

If an ad brings in phone calls, emails, or website visits, it means the ad worked. Sure, some ads work better than others.

As an advertiser or business owner, it is in your interest to upsell services, products, or whatever you deal with. Ask people to visit your store now, contact you today, or email you.

Keep it to the point

Some ads are too sophisticated and complicated, causing confusion. People will have no clue what they are about. Instead, you need to get straight to the point and leave no room for confusion.

Ads become more attractive and useful if they are straightforward. Again, the first part draws attention, so you need to focus on it. Whether you offer a discount, a coupon code, or even a freebie, it has to be mentioned in the beginning.

You need people drawn in before you get to the actual details.

Make it crystal clear

The fact that classified ads are often charged based on words or characters has forced people to be more clear and concise, but it does not work for everyone. Some people will still add lots of irrelevant words that only cause confusion.

For an ad to yield results, it has to be up there for quite a while, meaning you will spend more. Since no one wants to do that, keep the costs to a minimum by making it crystal clear and concise. You might as well abbreviate common words for a lower cost.

Do classified ads help with SEO?

Classified ads are not necessarily about getting customers or students or making announcements. In fact, they also represent cost effective ways to boost your SEO campaign. Most commonly, classified ad websites or portals will also give you the opportunity to place a link to your website.

Backlinks will give your website a boost in search engine result pages. You will inevitably gain more traffic, as well as more customer conversions in the long run. However, classified ads cannot do all these by themselves.

Content is king

Just like for everything else, you need the optimal content. Sit down, think about it and optimize it accordingly.

This type of content is representative for your business. Plus, it is not free, so you actually need to craft it error free.

Optimize the content with your SEO strategy in mind, and results will show up in the long run.

Include the most important thing

You can find both premium and free classified ads. No matter what you use, the message to the public is extremely important.

The most common things to spark some interest include gatherings, expos, meetings, and so on. Never underestimate these things when writing a classified ad.

Keep it accurate

No matter what your ads are about, you need to keep all the information accurate. Your customers will be pointed in the right direction this way, rather than misled.

Exaggerated details or false advertising will make people associate your brand with a negative image.

Quality is essential

Indeed, it pays off keeping it simple and crystal clear, but content must be qualitative. Write a draft and go on from there. Keep improving until you find the perfect outcome if you truly want visitors to come your way.

Avoid exaggeration

Exaggeration is not all about content, but also about the number of classified ads you get. They can, indeed, help your business. Overdoing it will bring in more drawbacks in the long run, though.

Optimize your ads with this purpose in mind. A well written ad will get the job done in a much better way than five poorly written ads.

Too many ads will feel like spam, making your business look desperate.

Benefits of classified ads for your business

Classified ads are all about exposure, so they obviously come with a bunch of benefits.

Easy to use

Classified ads are easy to use, and despite modern advancements in terms of technology, they are still relevant. Ads are relatively simple to navigate and mobile friendly as well. Since most people rely on their smartphones to browse these days, ads are ideal.

Your advertising will be easy to notice and read.

Extra traffic

Classified ads will naturally bring more traffic to your website. Some ads also allow you to include a link, whether they are online or offline. More traffic, more potential customers, more conversions.

Having your URL there is about link building, so people interested in your niche will be able to find out more about it.

Quick to use

Classified ads are convenient and super easy to use. Once you have the text ready, you should be able to run the ad within minutes only. Most websites allow doing it straight away.

Results will show up just as fast.

Compared to traditional advertising, classified ads are quick, speedy, and effective.

Free or premium

Based on where you plan to advertise, you will find both premium and free classified ads. There are lots of free portals allowing you to promote the business name. They do it in order to increase leads and visitors, so take advantage of the opportunity.

However, many free domains may not have enough authority. You want a high domain and page authority for more exposure and better rankings in search engines.

Indeed, you can get backlinks from any direction, but the more reputable your sources are, the more exposure your website will get.

Global exposure

Classified ads can go far and provide global exposure. Normally, ads in local newspapers will only go locally. If you want to market your business to a global audience, online classified ads are location neutral. Unless you choose a website aimed at certain locations, you will get global exposure.

Anyone impressed by the ad or message can search for your business, regardless of their location. If you ship worldwide or offer an online service, chances are your business will benefit from this global exposure.

Drawbacks of classified ads for your business

While classified ads come with a bunch of benefits, they also have a few negatives as well.

Limited exposure

If you only advertise in a magazine, newspaper, or website, chances are you will only be exposed to the respective audience. The readers or visitors will be the only ones seeing your ads, and keep in mind that some of them may not even read ads.

Therefore, you may have to apply more advertising strategies in order to expand your popularity.

Harsh competition

Everyone uses classified ads. They are classic. They are not meant for modern Internet users, but they have been around for hundreds of years.

Since they have managed to maintain their integrity and effectiveness overtime, it is pretty obvious why everyone turns to them.

This means competition is harsh, so your ads need to outshine the competition. Certain industries are more difficult than others when it comes to ads, so it also depends on what you do.

Constant advertising

Classified ads are not as effective as other SEO strategies in terms of long term effects. They have short life spans, meaning you will have to keep advertising again and again.

Ads are usually read once. You need to advertise regularly and perhaps come up with different texts and content solutions in order to stand out.

Poor strategies will never yield results

Classified ads do not necessarily guarantee success. If you fail to reach the target audience, they are useless, nothing but a waste of money.

Such a campaign must be carefully planned in the smallest details to yield some good results.


Just like any other advertising strategy, classified ads are not crystal clear for everyone, and there are still a lot of questions floating around them.

What are classified ads?

Classified ads are traditional ads, such as the ones you normally find in newspapers. These days, they can be found in periodicals, magazines, and even online magazines. Plenty of businesses rely on them, as they represent a cost effective way to promote a business.

What does a classified ad look like?

A classified ad has a classic structure. It has a headline, which aims to draw attention straight away. Then, there are the details about the business and contacts at the end. Each of these structural elements has its own role, so it is imperative to have all of them in an ad.

Does a classified ad help with SEO?

Classified ads represent some of the main components of a traditional SEO campaign. Since they often include links, they direct traffic to the advertiser’s website. Assuming these ads go on reputable portals, they add to the authority of the advertiser’s business.

How do you make a classified ad?

Classified ads must advertise something, be it a product, a service, or a promotion. It needs to include the optimal details about the business. Other than that, it must draw attention with its content, or most people will fail to read it.

What are the main benefits of classified ads?

Classified ads can bring plenty of benefits if done correctly. You can get more exposure for your business, as well as more traffic. They are easy to make and use, so they are suitable for any type of business.

Should I choose free or premium classified ads?

Your financial situation dictates what type of classified ads you can go for. Obviously, premium ads are on more reputable sources. But on the other hand, if you are on a limited budget, free classified ads can also provide good results in the long run.

Are classified ads worth it?

Absolutely! They are cost effective and can save advertising resources. They bring traffic to the website without spending a fortune. Furthermore, extra traffic will lead to extra conversions in the long run. Designing classified ads takes a bit of time, but the effort and cost will make them totally worth it.

Bottom line is, classified ads add to your global exposure, and they put your business name out there, hence their popularity.

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