December 2022 Link Spam Update Introduced by Google

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December 2022 Link Spam Update Introduced by Google

The update will be rolling out for a few weeks now, as helpful content is still unveiling.

Google never ceases to surprise with its search engine updates, aiming to give users a more relevant experience and marketers and SEO experts more headache. No one expected a new update before 2023, but the tech giant surprised everyone with the latest statement.

The so called link spam update is basically an upgrade of Google’s algorithm. It will be implemented at a global level and will take around two weeks to be fully functional.

Google made a statement regarding the update. Known officially as the December 2022 link spam update, it will require two weeks to roll out completely. It will definitely affect some rankings because spam links will be annihilated.

All unnatural links and the credit coming with them will be lost. This release will affect every language.

The update is practically an upgrade of the classic SpamBrain. Released in 2018, SpamBrain was known as the 2018 Google spam report. Back then, Google targeted the spam trends section. It brought in machine learning systems to target spam links in a more effective manner.

Unfortunately, SpamBrain was not perfect and could not detect spam straight away. With this new upgrade, it will detect everything, including websites buying backlinks and even websites used to provide backlinks.

Helpful content is still out there. Google has not fully implemented its helpful content algorithm for December 2022. The two updates will run simultaneously, aiming to improve the experience of search engine users straight away.

To the average user relying on Google for various searches, this may not be the most relevant piece of information. But then, webmasters and SEO experts are clearly going to see rankings change over the past few weeks. Some websites will go up in ranks, while others will drop dramatically.

All these changes are likely to be caused by the link spam update. To ensure your website is still up there, you need to get natural backlinks only, but also follow the webmaster guidelines introduced by Google. The idea is to boost the website naturally in order to gain organic links in the future.

As Google has already mentioned in the previous updates regarding link spam, webmasters must make sure they rely on the best possible practices, whether it comes to outgoing or incoming links. They need to focus on quality content and do it with the customer experience in mind.

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