My rule of thumb is to build a site for a user, not a spider.”– Dave Naylor, Bronco.co.uk Managing Director

SEO reporting might look like a hazardous task. It can be monotonous, slow and depressing when we understand that our clients (or bosses) never check them out. Actually, reports can develop or diminish the relationship with the client. You just need to take care of your data usage to get maximum impact.

Choose appropriate KPIs

The KPI list is never common for all SEO services. To identify and imply the most effective KPIs for your SEO campaign, it is more than necessary to understand and target your customers and identify their business needs. It would be always a great idea to ask them relevant questions and getting their answers. Next, set a business objective. What’s your target? Is it increasing the number of sales? Or its developing brand image? Considering these elements, fix an SEO strategy.

This will help in choosing the right KPIs related to that strategy.

Example: A salon business sets the goal of doubling its potential customers for skin whitening sessions. To achieve that goal, they find out the search queries that help in understanding the parameters that are significantly tending these days for these particular queries.  Effective KPIs for this will comprise of most searched keywords, organic traffic generating parameters and more.

Don’t Use Unnecessary Jargons

Like other industries, SEO has its own terms and languages. The term that looks quite familiar to you may look like a tongue twister to your customers. That’s why, While preparing your reports, give yourself sufficient time to, clarify the things to make it easily interpretable by your clients.

Go for Effective Data Visualizations

Your site contains but they are not visualized-this is nothing but a complete wastage of your hard efforts Put tables and graphs to convey the metrics accurately. Arrange the things in a way that helps in leaving an impression.

Some  brilliant customer retention strategies in action

TOMS: Start with a mission

Sometimes, a brand doesn’t inspire fidelity through tactics and systems, but through what it represents. If you ever saw the TED talk How great leaders inspire Simon Sinek’s action, you probably know the importance of having a mission or motive. TOMS has created its complete business model with the motto of making the world a better place.

According to Jessica Weiss, “TOMS managed to combine a classic business venture with passionate new generation philanthropy.” How is it executed? Through a policy, he said and that is known by the name, “one by one”. For each pair of shoes sold by the company, donate another pair to people in need; In this way, he has already donated more than 60 million pairs of new shoes.

Tesco: add a personal touch

This supermarket chain has a strong presence in the United Kingdom, with more than 2,000 stores.

For big brands, being authentic and human can look like a  challenge. Online shopping and self-service scanners are practical, but consumers still prefer personal treatment.

Customer service is still necessary, and at Tesco, they chose to use Twitter to offer it with a human touch. In their interactions with clients, they use a personal approach to show that they care about them.


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