You might have noticed there is significant changes in Google ranking. It could be an indication that the search engine is updating its algorithm. Some pieces of evidence correlate to the on-going update, and they referred to it as Google Valentine’s day algorithm update.

Proofs of the Recent Google Update

We don’t just say that Google is updating without any proof. Closed black hat Facebook group has been a reliable indicator of a Google Update. Most people have been checking them so they would have an idea on what is going on in the industry.

This group knows Google very well. They can accurately sense every update even before Google make a public announcement. One of the possible reasons why they can easily sense any changes in the rankings is because the group focuses on aggressive link strategies.

SEMrush Detects an Update

The Semrush has a tool that can track Google’s SERPs volatility based on changes in everyday rankings. It can monitor any movement that indicates Google is updating its algorithm. The results pages can change now and then because of these updates.

Recently, SEMrush observed similarity on the data they have and what has been reported in the private and public forums. On February 13, both U.S. and U.K. SERP Volatility graph showed a very high level of activity.

Factor Affected By the Recent Update

In the past few weeks, you might notice that people are talking about the WebmasterWorld discussions. This is where the reports about Google Algorithm update started. One factor that can be affected by the recent update is the modifications you made on your webpage during the update.

According to one member, they were able to make some changes on their webpage title. However, after several days the changes made were reverted.

There are other reports from a member that they also noticed some changes after a week of chattering.

Responding to Google Update

Keep in mind that an update lasts typically for several weeks. If in case your rankings got affected negatively, you have to wait for 10 to 15 days before you make your moves.

Don’t panic if your updates require correction after 10 to 15 days. This happens to all, and it’s a way of fine-tuning the changes done in response to any data you received after an update is announced.

Understanding Valentine’s Day Update

Google has been disapproving changes done to enhance its ability to understand a search query and a web page content. The latest algorithms are concentrated on determining the best pages that will provide a solution to the user’s problem.

Some SEOs are assuming that the recent Google updates are targeting niches and other essential elements like thin content, poor links and so on. However, Google has made it clear that those factors will trend down at the search engine.

Once the update is confirmed, Google will make some changes to return vital search results that Google users will surely love.

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