301 Redirects To Increase Organic Traffic


301 Redirects To Increase Organic Traffic

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a common and simple technique is 301 redirect. It is usually used when you delete a page, change your domain name, find a broken link, and shift your page to a new location. These are just some of the reasons for using a 301 redirect.

However, just these reasons are persuasive enough to make you do in-detail research on 301 redirects to ensure more lucrative SEO. This is because improving the SEO outcome is another reason for using this technique. By redirecting to your web pages, it is imperative to obtain thousands of more visitors (organic traffic).

Although simple, comprehending where to use 301 redirects and where not for getting more traffic, needs both significant time and effort. However, this post will help minimize it. So, read on to know more about how 301 redirects can help in SEO.

301 Redirect Strategies to Know for Better SEO

While there are a couple of 301 redirect strategies, only a few of them tend to seriously align with your SEO strategy. Of these, the merger and cocktail strategies can be phenomenal if you use them in the right way. Cautiously, their implementation needs expertise, perhaps from a professional. Still, knowing them will help you decide how they affect SEO for better results. 

The Merger Method

This method involves redirecting the web pages of an old website to your website by purchasing the former one. However, you cannot just buy any website; it is essential to buy the one that is related to your niche. 

If a new page has content that is already covered or is not getting significant traffic, it is ideal to remove it and redirect it to another page. Similarly, if the web pages are not in line with any of your web pages, consider deleting and redirecting them to your homepage.  

You can expect marvelous results from this method by keeping the aforementioned things in mind.

The Cocktail Method

To understand this method, lets consider a scenario wherein you have two well-functioning web pages, each having good page authority, some strong backlinks, and sufficient traffic to get you leads. The performance of these web pages is average. If this situation is what you have in reality, would you consider consolidating them to enhance your SEO? 

Previously, no; but now, yes! Why yes? Well, here are the two most convincing reasons for making this cocktail recipe: 

  • Better web content by filtering the best content from both pages and combining them into a new page that seems to be more attractive and empowering; this is the case if those two web pages have some old content that you can remove.
  • Improve web page authority, as this is something you always keep looking for; When you merge two pages, you are also merging their authority, resulting in an overall authority boost. This makes sense when both pages are related to each other; otherwise, Google will not bother at all to give it a look. 

This is why combining such web pages increases the probability of getting more organic traffic. As this strategy belongs to the technical SEO category, it is essential to perform it meticulously. Here are the recommended steps to consolidate web pages precisely:

  1. Look for pages that have the issue of ranking for the same keyword (also known as the keyword cannibalization issue). Here, this issue can be truly helpful. If there are such web pages, consolidation is an effective solution.
  2. Now, look for probable redirection prospects. The web pages to be merged must be related to each other and should be redirected to a potential new location.
  3. Take the best pieces of content from the web pages, rewrite them to ensure a proper flow and fresh content, and merge them to form a new page. This is where you can address the search intents and include other new keywords accordingly. 
  4. Publish the refurbished page and give 301 redirects.

Its high time to take full advantage of 301 redirects. However, this is impossible without professional expertise. 

With increasing SEO complexity and business competition, implementing an evergreen SEO strategy is not easy without the help of an expert. At the same time, you cannot even afford to stay behind in this domain of digital marketing. Thus, it is highly recommended to contact professional SEO experts today!

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