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How to Guide to Get Local SEO Clients for Internet Marketing Consulting? by Best Local SEO Agency London UK

As a consultant, one of the best ways to get local SEO clients is to offer your services to businesses in your area. There are many ways to do this, and the following guide will show you ten of the most effective methods.

  1. Get Active in Local Business Communities

One great way to get local SEO clients is to get active in the business community. There are often local business groups and chambers of commerce that you can join. Getting involved in these groups can help you meet other local business owners and get your name out there as an expert in SEO. You can also look for networking events and meetups that are specifically for local business owners. Attend these events and make sure to introduce yourself as a Best SEO Company London UK.

  1. Speak at Local Events

Another great way to get local SEO clients is to speak at local events. This could include business events, meetups, or even conferences. If you can provide valuable information about SEO to an audience, you’ll be able to show off your expertise and attract potential clients. Make sure to promote your speaking engagements on your website and social media to reach a wider audience.

  1. Write SEO Articles for Local Publications

Writing articles about SEO for local publications is a great way to get your name out there as an expert. This could include newspapers, magazines, or even blogs. Make sure to include your contact information in your bio so that potential clients can reach out to you. Quantifying how well-written, engaging, and other article on-page SEO tactics helped your site mean more will help you get more. It is easy to make a plan to improve your articles, but it will be easier to see when you are successful.

  1. Offer SEO Training or Workshops

Another great way to attract local SEO clients is to offer training or workshops on the topic. This could be a one-time event or a series of classes. This is a great way to show potential clients what you know and how you can help them improve their SEO.  You can also reach out to local businesses and organizations to see if they would be interested in sponsoring your event.

  1. Give Free SEO Presentations

Giving free presentations about Best SEO Services London UK is another great way to attract potential clients. This could be done in person or online. You can promote your presentations on your website and social media to reach a wider audience. Be sure to take time off from other projects to attend the event. Make sure your site is linked to properly on other websites. If your site is not linked properly, you could lose your ranking on search engines. Link to the appropriate pages on your site as if they are independent pages. This will increase your ranking.

  1. Create an SEO eBook

Creating an eBook about SEO is a great way to show potential clients what you know about the topic. This is a great marketing tool that you can use to attract potential clients. Make sure to include your contact information in the eBook so that people can reach out to you. When you are creating an eBook, it is important to keep the file size small. People are more likely to download a smaller file than a large one. If you make the file size too large, it will take too long to download and people will not be willing to wait.

  1. Offer a Free SEO Audit

Offering a free SEO audit is a great way to show potential clients what you can do for them. This will show them how you can help them improve their SEO. Make sure to include your contact information so that they can reach out to you for more information. Ensure that you always keep your website fresh. A website that is fresh and updated will look more appealing to users. You will have more business as a result of this. You must always be aware of the current trends and what your competition is doing.

  1. Participate in Local SEO Forums

There are often local SEO forums that you can join. This is a great way to meet other local SEO experts and learn about the latest trends. You can also use these forums to answer questions and help potential clients with their SEO. Make sure to spend some time with other webmasters so that you can learn what you need to do to be successful. Join a forum and look for advice. This is an excellent way to learn about what is working and what is not. It can also help you to be more creative in your endeavours.

  1. Create a Local SEO Directory

Creating the Best Local SEO Agency London UK directory is a great way to show potential clients what you know about the topic. This is a great marketing tool that you can use to attract potential clients. Make sure to include your contact information in the directory so that people can reach out to you. When it comes to marketing your site on the internet, it is important to remember that there are many different ways to get the job done. You need to be sure that you are using all of the tools that are available to you. One of the most important tools that you have on your website.

  1. Offer a Free SEO Consultation

Offering a free SEO consultation is a great way to show potential clients what you can do for them. This will show them how you can help them improve their SEO. Make sure to include your contact information so that they can reach out to you for more information. Your website should be designed to encourage people to stay longer and browse around. If your visitors are only staying for a short time, then you are doing something wrong. You want to keep people on your site so that they can learn more about your products or services. If you have a blog, make sure that you are using it to its full potential. You should be updating your blog regularly with new content. This will help your blog to rank higher in the search engines.


How to Optimize Your Site for Image Search by Local SEO Company London UK

A good way to get an edge over your industry competitors is to optimize your website for image search. Many companies focus their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts on their website copy, with little regard for the pictures. Take advantage of their inaction in this area by boosting the search engine visibility of your images, and therefore your website.

Why should you care about image search?

There are several reasons why you should want your site to rank high in image search results for your keywords.

First off, a large chunk of people are using image search to find content. According to Alexa Internet, about 10 percent of Google’s visitors go to the site’s image search page. Bing and Yahoo also have their own images searches. Image searchers might be interested in photography, seeking free photos for their blog, or wondering what a particular product looks like. If your photos and surrounding content are relevant, you want these people to find your site. And if your site is useful and captivating, they may become customers or loyal readers.

A second reason you should care about image search is that universal searches typically incorporate images into their results. For example, when you type “Beyonce” into Yahoo’s universal search engine, the first page of search results includes Yahoo Image Search results about halfway down the page. The displayed photos are also the first ones that appear in a Yahoo Image Search. Universal search is the default mode for Google and many queries return image results.

A third benefit of optimizing your site for image search is it forces you to improve your site’s consistency. In other words, it pushes you to evaluate your niche; adjust your photos, content and keyword so they align with your niche; and get rid of items that lack relevance. This will also boost your overall position in search engine rankings. Search engines like sites with a targeted message.
What first steps should you take to optimize your site for image search?

As mentioned above, you want to go through your site and get rid of photos that don’t fit with the overall theme of your website. It might be hard to part with certain pictures, especially if you took them and are proud, but do it anyway. As they say, you must “kill your darlings” for the greater good. In SEO-speak, the greater good is better search engine rankings. If you choose, you can replace the photos you removed with ones that are relevant.

Next you should make sure that your photos are relatively large, have high resolutions and contrasts, and have good aspect ratios. Search engines look for quality photos that will look decent in thumbnail form, since that’s the form the photos take on in search results.

Next you should make sure that your photo file names sufficiently describe the photos and contain your keywords. Because search engines can’t yet “read” images themselves, you must use other methods to associate your keywords with the images. The file name is one way to do this. Say you sell nonstick Madeleine pans and your keyword phrase is “nonstick Madeleine pans.” It doesn’t take a genius to determine you should label a photo of nonstick Madeleine pans “nonstick-madeleine-pans.jpg.”

You can also insert your keywords into the alternative text (alt txt) attribute. If you can, insert the same description you used for the file name, minus the hyphens. So in the case of the nonstick Madeleine pans photo, your alt text would read alt=“nonstick Madeleine pans.” If your site uses the WordPress publishing platform you can download a free plug-in (“SEO Friendly Images”) that automatically updates your images with appropriate alt text attributes. You may also want to put your keywords in the title attribute of your different images, though from a search point of view that matters less than the alt text attribute.

Once you’ve optimized the code within your images, consider what’s immediately surrounding your photos. You want to at least see some text that either describes or highly relates to the picture. The text could be a caption, adjacent article or small blurb of information. Feel free to add some text if none exists. Just make sure it contains your keyword phrase. The content’s proximity to your photo will help the search engines identify your photo. It also doesn’t hurt to have your images close to a page headline or subhead containing your keywords.
What additional steps can you take to optimize a site for image search?

Make sure that the directory holding your images can be accessed by search engine crawlers. Some webmasters have barred access to this directory so other sites can’t publish their images. The problem with this move is it keeps the images from appearing in image search results. It’s ultimately up to you to decide whether keeping the directory open is worth it, but at least be aware of how keeping it closed can limit your traffic.

Re-upload your photos on a regular basis. Search engines prefer photos that have recently been published to photos that have sat around for a while. While technically you may be uploading files that have sat around for a while, the timelier publishing date treats them as fresh.
Post your images to photo sharing sites like Flickr. This is a great way to boost traffic to your site. Since Flickr has a lot of search engine authority, its pages tend to rank high in image searches. Pair that with your ability to link your Flickr pages to your website, and your potential for new visitors increases.

Let other websites publish your photos. If other websites are interested in publishing your photos to their sites, let them. Just require something in return. You could, for example, request that they promote your site in captions under the photos. The text could state that the photos came from your site, explain your site, and include a link to your site. The more your site is promoted and linked to, the better your search engine rankings will be.

Encourage other websites to link to your photos. If you are not comfortable with other websites publishing your photos you can at least encourage them to link to your photos. See if they will include your keywords in their anchor text, another rankings booster.

If you employ these steps, or at least some of them, you will see both your image search and universal search rankings improve. Then you will want to focus on updating your site with highly relevant copy and photos that keep people coming back.

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