May 2020 Core Update

Google May 2020 Core Update: Here is what you need to know

Google has published its May 2020 core update this Monday. This is the second rolling update of 2020, after the previous one declared in January 2020.
As per reports, Google releases time to time core Google algorithm updates to deliver a great digital experience to its netizens.

From Google’s Info Desk

While launching this latest core update, Google, at 3:50 ET, declared, “Later today, we are releasing a broad core algorithm update, as we do several times per year. It is called the May 2020 core update. Our guidance about such debates remain as we’ve covered before.”

The Current Roll-Out

After an hour of posting the aforementioned comment, Google kick-started this roll-out and said, “It can take one to two weeks to fully roll out.”

May 2020 Core Google Update

When Google Updated Last?

Prior to this, Google released The January 2020 core update. Know more about this update by clicking here. Before this, Google rolled out a technically weaker update in September 2019.

SEO experts and web masters did not receive this update strongly as compared to the other recent ones. In November 2019 too Google released an update focusing on local search engine rankings.

Safeguarding Your Business

Google advises concrete considerations in case the past core updates have negatively impacted you.

How Google Updates are Relevant for Positive SERPs?

Google core updates directly target your future SERPs. They may lead to their improvement or retardation, whatever be the case. Therefore, it is important to understand their underlying algorithms and to what extent they can impact your rankings.

The release of this new May 2020 core ranking update could be a boon for many. Keep an eye on the latest announcement examine its analytics thoroughly.



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