Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm

Google Releases a Mobile Friendly Algorithm for Additional Enhancement of Mobile Based Websites

The Announcement

Google announced the second version of its previous mobile-friendly update. Google webmaster tweeted this morning about the final roll out of this trending algorithm.

Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm

The company already notified the tech analysts about this new algorithm update in March, which has finally rolled out today. As per reports, this update is “expected to increase the effect of [mobile-friendly] ranking signal.”

Moreover, this update is devoid of worries and hurdles as it won’t impact your SERP.

What is Google Mobile-friendly Algorithm?

Google mobile-friendly algorithm is a signal which assesses the quality of each web page, one by one. The objective of this algorithm is to evaluate the presence of Google crawlers and indexes responsible for influencing your brand’s SERP.

What Changes has Google Mobile-friendly Algorithm Made?

Google mobile-friendly algorithm update makes significant changes in the ranking and of a mobile application. This update examines the web traffic reaching your app and study its overall performance in the digital market.



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