Google Fred Update- Unconfirmed March 2017 Update

The Impact of an Unconfirmed Google ‘Fred’ Update Turning the Digital World Upside Down

An unconfirmed Google algorithm update has caught the critical eye of SEO professionals and webmasters in different parts of the world. This update has churned the digital users as to what is Google’s next step in issuing empowering updates for search engine listings.

Why the Name ‘Fred’

As of now, this unconfirmed Google update goes by the name ‘Fred.’ To be specific, this name comes from Gary Illyes who once created a humour across this term.

What is Going on Within the SEO Community

Th SEO community is wrapped up in gossip over this unconfirmed ‘Fred’ update. An update previous to this, that is February 2017 was also unconfirmed and created a huge clutter among multiple webmasters.

These unconfirmed updates reveal a lot about Google’s ongoing strategies to keep the expert communities in dark. However, it does not stop any of the digital marketers from interpreting its dynamic impact on their client’s brand reputation.

Despite the update depicts ongoing fluctuations and volatility, the webmasters are on their heels to optimize the landing pages of the companies under their power.

What Google Says

Here is what Google has to say about its new update:

“We have 3 updates a day in an average. I think it’s pretty safe to assume there was one recently…”

Google Fred Update- Unconfirmed March 2017 Update

The above statement by Gary Illyes illustrates Google’s dicey nature in terms of its unconfirmed updates floating in the digital market.



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