December 2017 Core Update

Significant Highlights of December 2017 Search Algorithm Core Updates

Google has rolled out yet another search algorithm update in December 2017. This update is expected to shift your company’s SERP and enjoy premium benefits. The Google spokesperson states:

“We released several minor improvements during this timeframe, part of our regular and routine efforts to improve relevancy.”

Points to be Noted

  • The SEO experts conduct a large-scale monitoring of fluctuations in ranks so while targeting their core updates.
  • This tracking is available on both desktop and mobile so as to allow the digital users avail the necessary update benefits.
  • Available in 6 countries with 15 SERP features, the core algorithm updates impact the industrial scores to a great extent.
  • These industrial impacts vary from company to company based on the growing competitiveness of firms to rank higher on Google search engine.
  • As per reports, these updates have a higher SERP volatility on mobiles as compared to desktops across several listed categories, mainly on law and government, autos and vehicles etc.
  • Other categories which this high SERP volatility rate impacts are jobs and education, science, holiday and leisure, internet and telecom, home and garden etc.
  • This SERP volatility rate has impacted major developed countries such as Germany, UK, Australia, Spain and France.


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