April 2018 Core Update

April 2018 Core Update is Right Here at your Service: Check out the Important Highlights

Google has recently confirmed the news of its upcoming broad core search algorithm update. Also known as the April 2018 core update, this latest update is expected to improve or downgrade your rankings in the coming times.

The Update Confirmation on Twitter

Storming the world with this trending update, the executives at Google tweeted:

“On Monday, we released a broad core algorithm update, as we routinely do throughout the year.”

April 2018 Core Update

This Twitter statement reflects on Google’s proactiveness in launching core updates all around the clock. Check out the previous Google updates over here.

Why Google Core Updates?

Most of you must be wondering why Google releases these core updates. The key reason for this initiative is to allow you improve your business performance with each subsequent update.

However, updates can even have a depleting impact on your company’s rank if your exclusive webmasters do not analyse it properly.

Here is what Google has to say about these broad search core algorithm updates:

“As with each update, some sites may note drop or gains. There’s nothing wrong with pages that may now perform less well. Instead, its that changes to our systems are benefitting pages that were previously under-rewarded.”

Can Google help with Low Ranking We Pages?

The answer to this question is simply no. Google updates do not provide any fix for your previous poor performances. However, these updates do give you a chance to improve its overall impact and deliver impeccable rewards for your business.



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