July 2021 Core Update

Google July 2021 core update is announced!!


Google announced a core update in June but moved some parts of the update to July, as these improvements weren’t ready. Finally, Google released a core update in its algorithm on July 1st, 2021.

On its Search Liaison account, Google said, “The July 2021 Core Update, previously announced, is now rolling out.” “This typically takes 1-2 weeks to finish,” Google added to the tweet.

For history, Google has been updating the algorithm after every few months.

From Google’s Info Desk

The last core update before this was around six months back in December 2020. And, even before that, it was around seven months ago, termed as “May 2020 Core Update”. So, this update took a little longer than the previous ones. But, Google is ready to roll out another core update in the next month.

Why two core updates?

Are you wondering why Google is releasing one update after the other, i.e., two core updates within two months?

In June 2021, Google released and implemented a core update and stated that some of its ‘planned improvements’ couldn’t be finished by then. So it released those ready improvements and said the remaining parts and their details would be out in July 2021.

And surprisingly, that came out on July 1st itself!

Google clearly stated that any core update could positively or negatively affect websites. Since there are two updates, there’s a possibility that some content might have got affected in June but get reversed in the July update.

 The recent roll-out – Should you be worried?

Just like any other update of Google’s algorithm, your website can be positively or negatively impacted. You may even remain stable (and see no result). However, even if your ranking got affected in the June update, it may have been reversed in July.

Moreover, Google stated that the updates may not even be noticeable for websites and that only SEO experts should be able to notice the changes on Google Search.

The June 2021 update was rolled out worldwide, which impacted every content, language, and business across the internet. The July 2021 update will complete by 1-2 weeks as announced on its Twitter handle Google SearchLiaison. 

What are your options if you are hit?

Google has suggested considering a list of questions in case you have been affected by the update negatively. If you find yourself being negatively affected, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your content is substandard. It can be because of the algorithm.

For this, Google has offered a set of questions that you can consider to find out if a core update has hit your rankings. It also stated that you might see a slight recovery between the core updates, and the significant changes would be reflected after the core updates. Still, the fact is that no specific actions can recover the rankings.

How are Google Updates Relevant for Positive SERPs?

In a blog post, Google mentioned how this core update would bring some changes to the search results. In addition, it mentioned that it received billions of queries/searches from across the globe in 150 languages. This has improved the experience of users and made us perform better and compete.

Since the internet is overloaded with content, Google tries to find the best (most suitable) content to deliver value.

It keeps updating the algorithm to support various types of creators, businesses, and publishers, alongside offering helpful information to the searchers.

The recent update implemented by Google has also stated that the algorithm will release hundreds of updates at any given week, especially for those developed for improving the search results.

Why do we care?

Your site can be positively or negatively affected whenever Google updates its search ranking algorithms, as it can improve or worsen your rankings. 

When you know that Google is making these updates, you get a better idea of whether something changed on your part or Google changed something with its algorithm.



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