How Does Link Juice Work?

It is a positive ranking factor that is passed from one page to another by a link. Link juice is discussed in Link Metrics. The Domain Rank of a website is its overall rank. A website’s positive link metrics are calculated as the sum of all the positive links. An individual web page’s PageRank is derived from its domain rank.

Depending on the link metrics that are associated with each page, every web page will have a unique PageRank. The Link Metrics of a web page determine the amount of Link Juice that can pass from one to another. So here are the links to juice distribution best practices from Go Up:
1. Don’t just look at your home page’s link metrics.
One of the most common mistakes people make is doing this. Frequently, when we ask other websites to link to our website, we only ask for links to our home page in our Link Building Campaigns. The result is that the home page is ranked highly, but the rest of the pages are not able to rank, either.
2. Transfer Link Juice from high performers to low performers.
You can pass Link Juice internally. In case your website has a great performing page (a large number of visitors, a high browse time, well designed, and lots of inbound links), that page will pass the link juice to a page that isn’t doing well. Linking two web pages on your website will pass link juice between them.
3. Determine which of your pages are low-value
The ‘spread link juice evenly rule’ is not applicable to all pages. You can tell the search spiders not to visit or pass link juice to any web pages that do not provide you with any benefits in the Search Engine Results Pages.

That way, links will not be wasted and crawls won’t take up valuable space on the search engines. It is not predetermined how many pages per website would be crawled by search engines.

Websites differ in this regard. You have lost an opportunity to have optimized pages crawled if they spend their visits crawling low-value pages.
These low-quality web pages usually contain:

  • Contact Us
  • About Us
  • Price Page
  • Meet Our Team

4. Implement Robots Tags, Robots.txt, and NoFollow Tags.
A great way to prevent low-value pages from being crawled and indexed by search engines is to use Robots Tags and Robots.txt. In the page’s HTML, insert the robot to instruct the search engine not to index the page or not to crawl it. You should also use the NoFollow tag to tell search engines that no link juice should be passed from any linking pages onto your page.
5. A page should always be within three clicks of the Home Page.
A web page shouldn’t be more than three clicks away from your home page if your site has fewer than 800 pages. The home page should be no more than four clicks away if it contains over 800 pages. The further a page is from the homepage, the less important it is to search engines. Search engine visibility suffers as a result.
6. Add a sitemap to the homepage.
By displaying a sitemap on your homepage, search engines will be able to access all the pages of your website.

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