The hCard microformat standard was best known for its use in creating structured data specifically for search engines. This structured data allows Google to better comprehend information on web pages. In its place, Schema markup has replaced hCard. HCards are similar to vCards, but they use web development code to indicate to search engines whether a website contains a general copy, as opposed to information such as an address or a phone number.
Schema vs. hCard
Since 2011, when Schema, a new form of markup understood by all major search engines, was unveiled by Google and other search engines, Yahoo! and Bing, hCard has become less popular as a means of implementing structured data.

No matter what search engine you prefer, Google still accepts hCards. The major search engines have endorsed the markup, so it is advisable to use it.
A brief explanation of how to use an H-card
Computer programs can display elements containing certain kinds of information (for example, elements containing postal codes, and elements containing street addresses) by being told which types they contain.

As a result, programmers can export their contacts in a standard format that can be imported into other email programs. hCards contain information that can be extracted from the HTML of a website. Any visitor to the website can view and save it to their address book as an e-business card.

This file is an exact replica of the vCard in XHTML format and can be used to create semantically correct HTML, RSS, Atom, or any other arbitrary XML file that contains contact information. Despite our preference for schema as the markup format, hCard is still a viable option for local search strategies.
Local search and the hCard format
HCard microformats allow geotargeting. An embedded map serves as a source of information about a business location to search engine bots, allowing it to appear in local searches as well as on local maps.

NAP information is one of the most effective ways of using markup. Include your full business name, address, and telephone number in addition to your zip code and business address.

The coding for your hCard can be written on many good, free sites if you are not a coding genius. To start, simply enter the basic information (your name, business address, etc) and select ‘Build it’.

What is the importance of this?
Google announced in May 2009 that it would parse and use the microformats hCard, hReview, and hProduct to populate search results. You can give Google Maps’ API, which in turn allows your website to rank higher in the search engine results, and easier time by formatting your contact details into an hCard format on your website.

Utilizing hCard has many advantages
Local SEO Services offer many benefits of using hCards. However, the most important advantage is the ability to showcase nearby businesses. Below are the benefits.

Making the Semantic Web: By using microformats, machines will be able to assemble important elements to build the content on the site once various individuals are working on them together.

Further expanded perceivability for nearby businesses: This is useful since it highlights your business to individuals who are seeking administrations or products you are offering.

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