07 Dec Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Assistant to Manage Your Blog

To say blogging is important for marketing your business success is an understatement. On the contrary, it is an absolute must for taking your business to the next level. Your blog brings on board new customers, helps you attract your target audience, drives people to you and build brand loyalty. Blogging helps you educate your readers about everything that can bring changes to their lives for the better. To sum up, a great blog is the cornerstone of a smart marketing strategy.

However it is easier said than done when it comes to Maintaining and growing a company blog.

It takes hours every day to maximize your resources, keep your blog up-to-date, make it succeed and engage your existing customers day-after-day. As the owner of a small business you can ill-afford to spend so much time that can otherwise be best used for performing other business tasks.

Furthermore, there is an extremely small percentage of entrepreneurs who also have the time, writing ability, the technical knowhow required to run a successful blog.

Fortunately for them virtual assistant comes to their rescue. They take burden off your hands so you can concentrate on other important aspects that are essential for running your business.

There are many tasks involved with the maintenance of a blog much more than posting articles running a blog is setting blog goals and determining the topics to focus on, promoting content, moderating comments, keeping the site updated, and making improvements.

The keys to running a successful business blog are quality, frequent updation, and consistency.

There are several ways in which a virtual assistant can be of great help when it comes to managing your blog.

Backing Up Your Blog

It is incumbent on every blog owner that their blog must be maintained. This includes creating backups. 

It is surprising that most of the bloggers don’t back their blogs up. It is one of the most common business blogging mistakes. However the fact is that it is an absolute must to have some system in place for backing them up. The simplest way to back up a blog is to use virtual assistant services. Your virtual assistant can use BackupBuddy if you are using wordpress platform.

Creating Great content

Every time your competitors post great content, they are on their way to overtake you in the search engine rankings. With the passage of time, this activity will allow them to create an edge over you.

Ideally it would be great if you write the content of your blog yourself. However there are several aspects of content creation that can be taken care of by virtual assistant such as generation of blog post ideas, maintenance of editorial publishing calendar, drafting blog posts, optimization of blog posts and comments moderation.

Your virtual assistant will increase the visibility of your blog by creating compelling, original, great content that is written in keeping you customers in mind, with your marketing strategy in mind. They research your industry in order to ensure that your content resonates with your target readers perfectly.

Your virtual assistant can create well-researched content and publish it on the famous and trusted sites relevant to your industry. This will create links for your blog site.

Blog post ideas

Coming up with blog post ideas is not so easy when it’s your job. Your virtual assistant can help you by providing you the ideas for a blog post. They can get the ideas by doing research of keywords around which you would like your blog posts to be written. It is a good idea to assign the job of formatting a blog post to your virtual assistant because it is time consuming.

Editorial calendar

An editorial calendar is a great tool that makes you better at blog planning. Your virtual assistant manages the editorial calendar, maintaining a healthy mix of content. Often that includes some interesting posts that they strategically publish on certain dates. 

Updating Plugins

Plugins expand the functionality of your blog. They are added to the websites to make it easy for your readers to navigate. The virtual assistant will need to compare plugins on a regular basis to make sure that they still provide the features needed and to find out if there are better alternatives.

Improve Visibility

Not updating a blog is worse than not having a blog. A virtual Assistant understands the importance of a blog which is updated at regular intervals. They ensure that your blog is updated with good quality, well-optimised content that is of interest to your readers and helps your blog rank high in the search engines when it comes to your niche.

Comments Moderation

If your blog have good content and sound SEO techniques, the number of people visiting your blog will increase. It is natural that your blog posts will attract comments from readers. Comments are an important aspect of a blog. It is not a good idea to leave comments pending for too many days. A virtual assistant will spend a few minutes every day going through the comments and respond to them quickly. They can filter out the appropriate stuff from the chaff.


The visibility of a site depends, to a great extent, on a fine-tuned Search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that brings in qualified traffic. SEO plays a pivotal role in driving traffic to your website and boosting sales and revenue.

A virtual assistant complements the content with strategic SEO techniques so that your blog ranks high in search engines relevant to your industry.

Blog Marketing And Promotion

When it comes to blog marketing, VA can help you by submitting the post page URLs to various search engines and directories to increase visibility of the blogs. They can also indulge in social bookmarking in quality websites and put relevant text links in all post. A virtual assistant regularly keeps you updated on your blogs’ progress. 

Consistent blogging efforts have the potential of improving online visibility of the business owners and helping them connect with their customers. Business owners who incorporate blogging as an essential part of their branding efforts are more likely to enjoy increased ROI. A Virtual Assistant helps your blog become the “go to blog” in your industry. This will enable you to grab a huge foothold in your industry.


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