18 Jul 8 SEO Tasks That Can Be Outsourced To Your Virtual Assistant

Search Engine Optimization is a marketing technique to fuel up the visibility of a website in order to gain rankings in organic search engine results. Businesses nowadays use virtual assistants to unburden themselves from the work related to SEO. Virtual assistants are well versed with the workings of SEO and understand the significance of it to a business and its online success. Following are some of the SEO tasks you can outsource to a virtual assistant in order to improve web traffic, f number and enhance the brand value of your services:

1.    Content Marketing

Content marketing can be a trickier task sometimes. Giving this task to your virtual assistant not only saves time but also help in producing quality content. A reliable Virtual Assistant can do tasks like writings for press releases, articles, blogs and creating and sharing presentations on Slide Share. It can also create, edit and share videos on YouTube and produce podcasts and distribute it. Virtual Assistant can also research sites that normally receive high traffic and take the necessary steps to market your product online seamlessly.

2.    SEO-Friendly Websites

It is very important to have your website search engine friendly in order to gain a higher rank in organic results. Virtual Assistant can tinker with the HTML codes of your website and modify it to make it more SEO friendly. It can also do various on-page SEO tasks on your website like adding images, videos, relevant tags and also internal links.

3.    Keyword Research

Keywords are the building blocks of a quality website. Searching high-quality keywords can be a time-consuming process. Through Virtual Assistant Services, you’ll get keywords having less competition, strong commercial value and high search volume on Google. Virtual Assistant can monitor the software and use it to analyze and compare keywords for each and every blog posts in a short span of time.

4.    Eye on Competitors

Virtual Assistant can help in analyzing your competitor’s keywords, content and even rankings. These are key parameters which will not only help you to improve your online performance but also help you to outperform your competition. It can provide you with quality ideas for organizing website’s contents and even effective on-page optimization.

5.    Domain Registration

Domains play a crucial role in taking your website to the top of SERP (Search Engine Results Page) but researching a good domain can consume a lot of time. Virtual Assistant can help your business in purchasing domains with high domain authority in domain auction sites.

6.    Organizing and Managing

Virtual Assistant can help you in organizing the files and folders related to your business in Google Docs or Dropbox. Having all your files arranged neatly helps in accessing those files quickly in future. They can also organize those file in order of their significance. Leaving the management of files and folders job to a Virtual Assistant can be a stress reliever in the long run.

7.    Building Links

Backlinks have proved to be masters in achieving higher ranks in SERP. Hiring Virtual Assistant can enable you to put your effort on other aspects of your business. A Virtual Assistant who has mastered the art of link building can help your website in getting superior quality backlinks with your preferred anchor texts. A Virtual Assistant can also interlink the web pages of your website in order to lift your web page rankings.

8.    Social Media Monitoring

Virtual Assistant can aid in improving the presence of your business in the social space. It can influence your reputation and brand value by increasing your Twitter, Facebook and other social media followings. It can update your status, monitor trends and hashtags and promote your advertisements with ease periodically.

How you use your virtual assistant in order to optimize your website depends entirely upon you. SEO is the key to success of your business in today’s modern digital world. Investing on Virtual Assistant not only saves time but in the long run, it has proved to be cost effective. Virtual Assistant Services will help you in allocating your efforts and time on improving your services and products. Customer satisfaction is the only mantra for a business to succeed.

About Author: Santosh (Neetu Kapila) is a blogger at Mind Digital Globe who intends to read and write about digital marketing. Her skills are not just limited to writing; she also manages search engine optimization and social media marketing campaigns.

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