17 May Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants have made business ventures turn over a profit by making use of employees without spending on office space and infrastructure. They work over the internet and get the job done in deadlines. Finding the right virtual assistant that suits your needs is tricky. We have compiled a few important questions that should be asked before hiring a virtual assistant.

What is your Experience as a virtual assistant?

This is a very common question, and also one of the most important ones as it will dictate whether the virtual assistant is right for you. Usually, a highly experienced candidate will have more success with your project but will be unwilling to take on low-paying projects.

Do you have a specific skill set or expertise?

Some projects like graphic design, website design, technical writing, etc. require a very specific skill set. If your project requires it, you need your virtual assistant to be well versed in that area of expertise or you’ll find yourself dealing with too many unwarranted problems.

What is your proficiency for long term projects?

Long-term projects require consistency, and if your virtual assistant isn’t consistent with the work done, you’ll end up having to deal with missed deadlines and complaints. Some assistants are exclusively suited for long-term projects and they are better for your projects. They also tend to handle several projects at the same time so make sure to ask about workloads and recruit accordingly.

How good are you in working with deadlines and tight schedule?

If the assistant isn’t adept at keeping to deadlines, a lot of your work is going to suffer – especially if it is heavily dependent on timeliness like news. Some virtual assistants revel in tight schedules but falter in long-term projects by prioritizing immediacy.

Are you comfortable in working as per a different time zone?

Working hours will rarely be met with complete satisfaction, but it can still be in general assent. However, working as per a different time zone presents several problems, particularly about working through the night. Make sure your virtual assistant is proficient at working odd hours to keep in a different time zone.

What are the rates for specific projects?

Some projects that require specific expertise will usually need to pay more. The fees for the project will depend on your virtual assistant’s proficiency in that skill set. Remember to cross-check their previous work and experience before accepting their quote.

What are your plans for contingencies and problem handling?

Problems can arise at any moment and even during deadlines, but virtual assistants are expected to have contingencies for most commonly occurring scenarios. You can pose a tentative scenario and ask for their plans about handling that problem. The restraining factor here is that this is conducted virtually and you have almost no way of knowing how adept they are at handling Murphy’s Law. Some things are best taken on faith if the quality of work is high enough.

Virtual assistants have expanded human resource to include worldwide employees. It is very effective in finding cheap labor for tasks that don’t really need upfront supervision. However, it is the interview that will help you find the right person for the job even if he’s working from halfway across the world. Virtual assistants can handle everything from social media marketing to website development. You just need to pick the ones who are dedicated towards work and can produce great results.

About Author: Santosh (Neetu Kapila) is a blogger at Mind Digital Globe who intends to read and write about digital marketing. Her skills are not just limited to writing; she also manages search engine optimization and social media marketing campaigns.

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